Baby Proofed

child-proofedWhen you are baby-less your house can be as ‘dangerous’ as you’d like. Outlets exposed and wires hanging off every table. laptops and lamps galore. No edge is too sharp, and no walkway is hindered. That staircase HA! Run up and down that bad boy in a pair of socks if you’d like! Hardwoods no problem! Who needs rugs I can wear socks! Thermostat leave it as high or low as the hubs likes! Once that little bundle of joy arrives, panic mode sets in when you look into her sweet little eyes and realize your life has changed forever and now your home must too. She is starting to scoot, lifting up off the floor in the crawl position meaning: crawling is inevitably around the corner. When a baby crawls everything is hazardous. My house for instance, is a giant no go baby zone. And today began an adventure in making this place into playground for my Emma bear. So far we have gotten a new TV stand to appropriately house our television and all the wires that go with it. We removed the coffee table from the living room months ago. Cords have been hidden under furniture and rugs. Baby gates are next, and honestly I don’t even know where to begin. We need like 12. And outlet covers, I think every outlet has something plugged into it. Also the cold bare floors are going to need some cover since she will be crawling this winter. Babies are a never ending supply of critical thinking problems for parents. And once we get all this crawl proofing done, we have to prepare for the pull upping and the eventual walking. The fireplace hearth is surely dangerous. Geez. No one really warns you about how much work babies are. And all the crap they need.

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