Baby in the city

As you may have heard the government shutdown is ‘looming’ and inevitable. Before this happened I wanted to go check out a new exhibit at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. We packed up the family and headed out…only to be cut off 15 minutes down the road by the capitol police. This was super lame because we were more than half way there. The hubs then opted to go ‘around’ this road block only to meet another road block. A 25 minute trip ended up turning into an hour and a half trip to reach our final destination.

fun in the city

Upon reaching the parking garage, I go to change E only to find out that she had poo’d through her diaper and into her WHITE pants. What a shame, this was their first wear too. Since this trip was supposed to take 2 hours max of course I thought ‘oh we don’t need a spare outfit it’ll be fine’. What a mistake I made, I swear it will never happen again! So there I was in a predicament: be the mom with a hill billy baby in NO pants in public or turn this car around right now and give up.  My husband told me not to fear just let her be a diaper clad pant-less baby in public, she would fit in with all the other diaper butts. And so today I was that mom for the first time ever and I hope the last (but I’m sure it won’t be). The hubs wore her on his chest so her booty was hidden for most of the trip, but I had to nurse her at the museum so there we were: butt out sucking on a boob all up in a museum. Oh well this is my life now and I am starting to accept it. She seemed to have an awesome time looking at all the bright colors and stuffed (dead) animals, and I didn’t notice too many stares one way or another. The weather was beautiful and E was happy which made everything that much better! We even made it out to eat at a pizza joint called FUEL while we were downtown. Overall we had a pretty good day and we made it home just in time for an afternoon nap!

UPDATE: E slept from 7:30-3am we are making some serious progress over from a week and a half ago (see here)!! I even had the ability to relax and was so confident in her new sleeping in her own room ability to get some sleep myself!!

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  1. I think every mom has that “trashy” moment…heck my toddlers played at a splash pad in just his diaper…and it wasn’t the swimming kind.

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