Baby Brands I am Loving Right Now

Having a baby girl is a double edged sword. There are endless possibilities for dressing her making me a happy lady, and making my husband one very sad panda. I try to stick with quality and make sure that E is going to get good wear out of each piece that I purchase (especially the $$ ones) and perhaps be able to pass them down to another baby girl someday. I take pride in the fact that I’ve researched high and low, read reviews to no end, before I jump into any big ticket items. I just wanted to share with you some baby brands I am loving right now some you may have heard of, and perhaps introduce you to a new one or two!


minibodendress cardigan

Boden has a line of clothes for the tiniest of tots called Mini Boden, the ages range from newborn to 3 years and let me tell you they have some adorable pieces for babe. I stumbled upon this brand while still pregnant perusing Nordstrom and fell in love. There isn’t a whole whole lot in the way of baby clothes BUT what they do have is great. These are a little more expensive than the average outfit (I think) and when E wears them I often worry she will ruin them (she is a baby I know it’s bound to happen)! I love the little dresses and cardis, they just look so proper and well British! (I have an odd thing for the UK and all its’ fashionable people).


babyGap Peter Rabbit Girl Yellow and White Bunny dress

75% of the time E is rocking a piece from Gap. I am loving this sweet little Peter Rabbit dress for spring. They make such cute clothes and it is super easy to make mommy and me matchy matchy outfits from them, because they do clothes in similar colors in each season for both of us. We wear Gap for everyday wear and have also snagged some beautiful pieces for the dressier occasion. Gap also usually has really great sales allowing me to pick up quality stuff for my little princess. If I go into Gap I will come out with something and it will probably be a bag of something….Basically if you see anything for a good deal at Baby Gap buy it, I have no complaints.



You can find this brand across the everyday stores Target and Walmart, and at their ‘exclusive’ retailer brand stores. They have pretty adorable stuff and usually you can find it on sale or it is reasonably priced for what you get. It is a great brand to cover your basics like onesies and pjs, but they also have some ‘specialty’ items that are drool worthy. I have a love hate relationship with the actual Carters store, a few times I’ve been in purchased stuff washed it and then gone into Target and seen it marked regular price cheaper than what I got it on sale for.

Circo and Cherokee by Target

circoleggingI love Target, therefore by default I love their brands Circo and Cherokee for baby. They have really great prices on cherokeedresstrendy seasonal baby items, like $5 leggings. I mean I got E like 5 pair of neon leggings for what I pay for a single items sometimes! I feel like these are the more ‘disposable’ items, I don’t gasp when I see daddy feeding her sans bib in these pieces, they are really great for everyday wear. Cherokee is a more demure brand, and seemingly less fashionable, the pieces they offer are often, classic pieces that could be passed down from babe to babe and no one would be the wiser that it came from Target. I often pick up tops and dresses for myself at targe so it really is what is expected for E to get some of her most memorable pieces from here.

American Apparel Baby


If you purchase a onesie from an Etsy shop, or anyone who hand makes them, you are most likely getting an American Apparel one. These are great quality pieces albeit more pricey that those you pick up at your local chain store. All these pieces are made in the USA and it is reflected in the price. There are some cute dresses, like the skater dress that we have picked up for summer, and it is a classic simple piece for E to rock.

Little Hip Squeaks


This is probably my fav mom-trepreneur brand of the moment. The spring summer line for 2014 has just been released and I die over the swing dresses. I might have ordered one…or two of the prints and perhaps a headband or two. I can’t help it! I am a sucker for helping other moms out who are trying to run their businesses!

Do you have a favorite brand your little is constantly rocking? Share below and introduce me to what you love!

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