Black Tuesday

shoesyoAs you all know I love baby things. Like shoes. Specifically Freshly Picked Moccasins. And they are running an awesome sale today the BIGGEST sale of the year 25% off the entire site! They only run this sale TWICE a year!! This is an awesome way to snag yourself a pair of shoes at a discounted rate, because who doesn’t love a good sale? I mean I know I do. The sale runs from 10am mst today 11/22 to 10am mst on 11/23! The current stock on their site will be on sale, as will some amazing restocks of old favorites! It has me really questioning whether I should stock up on a few pairs for O in the bigger sizes since my baby just sized up to a 3 (insert cry face).

FP is basically my go to shoe for my babes. E is 3 and a half and still wears them over most other shoes. They are so easy to throw on and can be dressed up or down. She wears them to the park, store, pretty much everywhere we go. I love the shoes bc the little footprints wear in the bottom and remind me of how small she was. I was considering have O re-wear some the shoes she had and once I pulled them out I couldn’t do it. What if he wore over her tiny footprints?! It tugged at my heart and I put them back in her memory box.


They come in every color imaginable boy or girl and gender neutral. As I mentioned before many of the colors are gender neutral and can be worn (if you so choose) by all your babies. The quality is also spot on, as it should be for a ‘pricey’ baby shoe. E has worn the same size moccs for about a year now. She has no holes or ripped threads or broken anything. After purchasing shoes at the local big box stores I can tell you this doesn’t happen with pricey sneakers. I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth out of them! They stand up to the hot pavement and rocks in the park. Plus soft soles are great for developing little feet!

Freshly Picked has even taken it a step further to make their shoes more affordable to everyone! This year the Classics Collection was introduced, they are some of the best selling colors at a lower cost, currently there are 11 colors with plans to expand in the coming months! These will be included in the sale! (making them a super awesome deal!) c5e9755d-90a7-4af0-9ede-2867a778f58a

To make it even better FP has so generously donated a pair of shoes for a giveaway! They can be yours, all tucked away under the tree just in time for Christmas! One lucky lady or gent will win their choice of soft sole moccs in their size and color, just enter the giveaway below and good luck!



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Have You Heard of Chatbooks?

Christmas is right around the corner (I know you’re tired of hearing it already but its true!) and the hunt for the perfect gift for everyone is on. I know my family loves to have photos of my kids and finding a way to share them that isn’t time consuming or costly takes serious effort. I used to scrapbook, but with 2 kids and a busy schedule I just don’t want to find the time most days. I got behind like a whole year and just gave up! I began searching for an easier way to store my memories, that wasn’t just on a hard drive in a drawer. A couple of years ago I came across a startup company called Chatbooks. The problem with me is I never print my photos. I take hundreds upon thousands every year, and I’ll upload them to social media, but never to take the time to go through and choose the ones I loved and load them up and print them in physical photos. Sure I’d do a special moment here or there but I was printing less than 20 photos a year. Enter Chatbooks.


They took 60 memories from your Instagram account and put them into a sweet little 6×6 inch softcover photo book so you could have your digital memories in print without the mess of 60 individual photos. Chatbooks is an app, you give permission to access your Instagram account or your camera roll on your phone. I’m subscribed to a series, so it’s essentially on auto print. I receive an email saying my next book will go to print in 3 days, and I can hop on edit or delete photos, rearrange them before the book is sent to print. For a mere $8 (+ shipping) I get a book full of my memories. Depending on your frequency of uploading pics (it takes me a few months to complete a book) it will take a matter of months or a few weeks.


As time has gone on Chatbooks has grown and added new features, such as custom books, where you can load certain pics from your Instagram, or based on a hashtag up to 366 photos into one book. The pricing varies from $12 and up on these so check the website/app for details. They then added the option for hardcovers to your books, making them look more luxurious and sturdy. The option was added to upload photos from your camera roll, cloud, Dropbox etc. You don’t even need an Instagram account to make a book anymore! They have a new option to subscribe to a Facebook series for those of you who aren’t about that IG life. There is even an option for 5 inch square prints now! In the past year or so they even do collaborations for limited time with various artists! Their current holiday collab is with Anna Rifle Bond of Rifle Paper Co. and it is freaking adorable. I am seriously contemplating making books from last year just to get all the limited time covers. This year they’ve added an option to snag your friend’s most popular photos and put it in a book for them!

Another great thing about these books is the option to customize them. You can add date, location and description. Perhaps not everyone in your family knows you took a trip to the beach this summer. Caption the photos with a play by play of that day. Or write down memories as you would in your scrapbook! And you’ll love it or you’re guaranteed your money back! They also have top notch customer service. I received a book with weird marks through some of the photos, I contacted customer service through the app and the next day my book was reprinted and shipped to me, no hassle or shenanigans or anything.


I personally love to use them for gifts, it’s a great way to share photos with family that aren’t online, or don’t have social media accounts. It also prevents me from having to text or share all my private photos in a public forum. I started sharing Chatbooks a few Christmases ago with family and have been told time and again they are an awesome gift. So awesome some members of the family have copied my idea and they too hopped on the Chatbook Christmas gifting wagon!

If you are interested in trying out Chatbooks click my here and receive your first book free!


Christmas Decor before Thanksgiving?

I know it’s early to be thinking of Christmas, but I have serious fomo when it comes to cute decor. Hobby Lobby has had their decorations out since July. I may or may not have used some for O’s party…someday maybe I’ll get around to blogging about it. Or at least sharing some photos.


Back to Christmas. Target has an awesome promo this week! Spend $40 in the Wonderland Shop get a $10 giftcard for later! Duh it’s a no brainer. I may or may not have purchased a number of adorable items that I am hoarding for Black Friday (aka the day after Thanksgiving). E as at the age where everything is magical and wonderful and I LOVE it. We perused the aisles when they were Halloween and now we take a good half hour looking at Christmas. The greatest thing about this promo and about Target is you can shop online! Meaning you can buy your goods in your jams, rocking a solid mom bun and a glass of wine in hand. I mean I guess you could were pjs to the store but I feel like dependent on your state, alcohol consumption while driving around Target would be frowned upon if not get you sent straight to the big house….anywho


This whole collection makes me swoon. And makes me want to move back north. There will be no snow in North Texas. It hasn’t even been cold here. I hate it. That is another story for another day. These snowmen are freaking amazing! And I love the little yarn wrapped trees so much I was gonna try to DIY them myself to save some dough, but alas even with coupons it still cost more. So you’re welcome for saving you the time and effort and mathing. The ornaments in this collection make me want to throw out all the red and green and start fresh. But I know my husband would murder me sooo maybe next year?


Camp Christmas is more in line with the decor I currently have. So I can jump on board with this. The camp fire is gonna go fast if your store isn’t already sold out. There is also an adorable felt pine wreath and tree set that is to die. It’s basically a cuter version of the ones I got from last year. The ornaments in this collection can be mixed and matched with what I have, which is very rustic Christmas. I probs will share pics on social once I get my tree up, but we use a real tree and so it has to wait or it’ll dry up and fall over before Christmas.

Basically I’m saying run to your local Target snatch up all these goodies, and don’t wait bc the good stuff will be gone in like 2 weeks max. AND be sure to check out Spot’s Playground/Dollar Spot bc they have bomb decor for $5 and under!


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Let’s Be Reasonable

I want to be real, life is not everything that fits in that tiny perfect square on IG. Life is unfiltered stains and snot like 90% of the time. And E and O have some cute ‘fancy’ as some have put it, pieces in their wardrobes. At times they are dressed to the nines and I’m over here in my holey jeans and a tee, but this isn’t about me. I try to live each day remembering they’re only little once and we all only have one life to live. I really like them to have clothes that they can play and have fun in, not break my bank, AND look adorable to boot. Buying small or USA made isn’t always an option, like as much as I’d love to be able to drop $36 on a pair of leggings that shiz ain’t happening.  I have loved Target’s lines previously and was slightly devastated when they said they were discontinuing some of the brands we love so well. And then I saw their new line.


E is at the age where she is too tiny for big girl’s clothes but right on the cusp of being too big for toddler stuff. She wears a 3t in most everything and wandering through the big girl’s clothes in Target has me all the heart eyes. So I threw together a quick list of my top picks from the new lineup!


Leggings I have always been a fan of the Circo leggings from Target. They are reasonably priced and pretty adorable. Like when something cost $5 I don’t cry when she stains them or tears a hole in them or they go missing. I can handle ‘real life’ in clothes these. Don’t get me wrong you can dress them up or down, under a dress, solo and so on. I’m basic and I die for the everyday easy look when we don’t leave the house. They’re like pjs but not, you know?

The military vest is all the rage right now, and I love it’s in tiny kid form! This piece is from the big kid’s section and runs 4-16 making it an awesome piece for this fall and perhaps the next 3 years. I love transitional pieces for my wardrobe and the kid’s clothes too, and I feel like this will be a favorite piece for the life of it! (Yes I’m that crazy lady who buys some clothes ‘bigger’ to make them last) It’s a tough canvas and Olive and gray are my jam for neutral colors year round. I went with one of each but I’m kinda obsessed…

This dress is a-freaking-dorable. I love all the colors in it and it’ll wear really wear through to next spring. Again with the price as reasonable as it is, she can wear it in the yard or get paint on the front and I won’t be worked up about the potential of it being ruined for life. I can see her wearing different colored tights or shoes and making it look fun or different with each wear! Plus I love white bc you can bleach it. Like this one I’d use the little bleach pen and be able to get all the white back to white!

These socks are my life. I am currently and well for the past year and a half in love with animal stuff. O’s nursery is woodland-y and so is his first bday party theme. These are the socks that you see retailing for $12 a piece but they aren’t! They are $5 ladies and they go up to 5t! They are true over the knee socks but not super thick so she could potentially rock them on an 85 degree day and not be too hot.

Those socks will go perfect with my boot picks. Imagine them peeking out above the cute fringe ones or the riding boots. I may have snagged both of these for the price of a pair of boots I was lusting after from another big retailer. They seem comfy enough and true to size and well look AMAZING with tights this winter/fall.

These little patches are totes cute and just a sampling of the other adorable accessories they have available for your tiny tot! The patches will look adorable on the vest btw.

Finally this hat. I’m dead. I tried to force E to wear it but she refused. She would be such a cute little fashionista in it, wondering through the fields in fall boots and all, or in the cart perusing the aisles of Target…but she hated it. So someone buy it and think of me when your girl wears it!

Also they have adorable stuff for little babies. My little baby is too big for it but you should def check it out if you have a tiny nugget!

My hands down favorite thing is Target is guaranteeing their line for 1 year. Yup one year from purchase if you aren’t happy with your purchase or it somehow falls apart, with your receipt they’ll return it! And if you haven’t signed up for a Red Card they are legit worth it, faster shipping and an extra 5% off everyday!. You can do a debit card, it’s linked to your bank account and comes out as you shop or the credit card, which is a credit card…

Now for the winner of the Freshly Picked giveaway: John G! Congrats to you! Shoot me an email at to choose your moccs! And thanks to you guys for playing along!

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Oh Baby Shoes, I love you


freshlypickedboysWe all know I have an intense love of all things baby. Like my children dress at least 75% better than me on most days. And when it comes to buying their clothes I spare no expense! My HANDS DOWN favorite brand of shoes since E started wearing shoes is FP mind you it’s been almost 4 years (insert teary face).



Freshly Picked (for those of you living under a rock) is a brand that makes leather baby moccasins. These things are like butta y’all. But really I love them because they are great for first walkers, the flexible sole lets little ones walk practically bare foot while those tiny tootsies are still protective from the yuck that is the world. Not to mention they look damn adorable on fat baby feet.

Susan’s business started small. Like in her own home small. She spent an entire summer in 2009 banging glass out of aluminum framed windows. She took said aluminum and sold it for a $200 to purchase a bag of leather scraps and that is how the FP empire was born

Now that O is starting to try and walk I found myself looking to FP again for his first shoes! The great thing about this brand is a lot of the colors are great for boys OR girls. I looked back through E’s early years and pulled a couple pair out to share with baby brother! There are some I refuse to let him wear though, because her precious footprints are on the bottom of them (and my husband nixed purple or pink on him). Another thing I love is that they are hard for babies to get off! Like O tried for about 30 minutes to pull and tug and contort them off his feet no dice buddy.

FP can be dressed up or down which I think is important when making such a large investment in baby shoes. DUH I know his feet will grow and then he won’t be able to wear them anymore BUT you guys there is actually a large following of moms that buy used baby shoes/clothes. Mind blown right? Maybe it’ll help you convince the ole ball and chain that a pair is on the horizon….


IF NOT then you too can be the owner of a new pair of fresh buttery goodness! I’ve teamed up with Freshly Picked to give one of you a pair of your choice of FP MOCCS!!!


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A note: The winner of Freshly Picked moccasins CANNOT have won a pair within the past 60 days and MUST BE in the United States.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Christmas is fast approaching and I am behind. Like we haven’t even had a Santa picture made yet people. With our big move to the Dallas area I just feel out of sorts. I don’t really know my way around too well yet and have frequented the malls during the holidays to know the lowdown on Santa. On that whole Santa train of thought, did you let your kids believe in Santa? In your house is Santa a real dude that creeps down your chimney or in your front door and leaves gifts for good boys and girls? Or are you the parent who lays it all out for your kids: look Santa is a fairytale, just like the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny I put the gifts under the tree and if a creepy old bearded man comes down our chimney he will get a rump of buckshot?! Back to Santa photos maybe I’m the only weird one, but I expect Santa to be all gussied up from head to toe in his red suit. I don’t care if it’s 95 or 32. For some reason here, the big guy doesn’t rock the coat, at least not a Santa I have seen. It bothers me, like he is wearing an odd shirt covered in snowflakes or bears at 2 malls I’ve visited and I ain’t about that life y’all. In Hawaii last Christmas, Santa was wearing floral shorts and shirt. I was offended, therefore there are no photos of said Santa. Also I am obsessed with the kids coordinating if not on some sort of matching level, like an overbearing mother who will make them wear matching Christmas pajamas until they are 30.

When I planning their outfits I had to take a number of things into consideration. First and foremost this weather is killing me. I hate it. This isn’t Christmas weather; it’s not even fall weather. I am looking for 50 or less, crisp air to feel really in the spirit of Christmas and ole Mother Nature just isn’t cooperating with me. So *hopefully* this week when we head out to see Jolly Old Saint Nick, the weather will be cool enough for one or the other of my 2 choices! I often get asked how I plan outfits for pictures of all sorts and honestly I find one piece for one person (usually E) and then I plan for the rest of us around her! For Santa pics thankfully I am only dressing 2 people, which makes it easier. The thing I like about both of these outfits is that I can add or subtract layers: sweaters, tights, or a long tee.


1,2&3)Zara 4)Freshly Picked 5)Hello Hadley 6)Alice + Ames 7)Hanna Andersson 8)Gap


1) Hello Hadley 2)Rylee + Cru 3)Oh Cozy Knits for Rylee + Cru 4)Zuzii Footwear 5)Gap 6)Rylee + Cru 7)Freshly Picked

And now what you have all been waiting for the winner of the Freshly Picked Giveaway!

Marian C! Congrats lady you have 24 hours to contact me with the info on the size and color moccs you want!

On a side note, I want to make known that I, as well as any other person running a giveaway, can see if you actually follow through with the entries you claim! Be certain if you want to be considered you are actually completing the steps if you want to win!