Announcing Baby’s Birth in Style

I love pictures. And I want everyone to enjoy the pictures that I have taken. This best way to do this is to send a card or announcement to those special people for their enjoyment. Tiny Prints was my company of choice, they have some of the most adorable birth announcements (even Vera Bradley!) that I have ever seen they are who I used for E’s birth announcement, and with Christmas coming up I know that we will be ordering holiday cards to send to family and friends to commemorate E’s first Christmas and first year of life! Their website is great because it lets you choose as many card designs as you want that way it can be narrowed down. For the birth announcements I chose several that I liked best before E was born, that way when I was exhausted and caring for a tiny new baby I wouldn’t have to fret about which to choose. Picking a picture to go on the card was hard enough! I got to choose the weight of paper, rounded corners, what type of envelope and what finish I wanted. They also constantly have coupons for free shipping or discounts off purchase price. Basically I love them, and I will be using them over and over again in the coming years!

Head on over to Tiny Prints and browse the options for birth announcements. Plan on spending hours and hours.
Narrow down your choices.
Have a baby.
Take adorable newborn pictures and go back on over to Tiny Prints.
Revisit your choices and narrow down further.
Choose your photo and place it in the different cards to see what works best.
Some cards have the option to change colors. Feel free to do so!
Pick your trim, choose to be different and have scallop or ticket edges!
Choose your paper type, matte is the most common choice, it doesn’t show fingerprints easily making it more durable.
Once you enter your information for the card you can choose varying fonts and colors for fonts. (Which is really fun!)
At this point you have the option to order a sample, this allows you to see it in person before you order a whole batch.
Finally choose your amount and enter your info and expect it to be at your door (or at the doors of your recipients) within a week or week in a half. Mine came super fast, literally 4 days later!

Once you receive them be sure to oooh and awe and then pack em up and mail em out!

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