Across the hall but oh so far away

So E moved to her own room. Finally. Good riddance. baby's roomThis is going to be awesome I thought. E won’t be woken by us coming into the room so late at night, or my dogs ‘high heel’ toes going click clack as they settle in for bed. BUT NO! She hasn’t slept through the night since the ‘big’ move. When she is asleep I worry, because I suppose it’s just this motherly instinct that has taken control of my mind and body. I know she’s fine: fed and clean so I should sleep when she does. But it doesn’t work I try to ignore her sad little noises coming from the monitor and across the way but it is super hard. I was hoping she’d be happier and this would make life easier for all of us. That she would be more content in her own space, everything hers and not sleeping in a tiny corner in my room. So far nope. She woke up like 5 times last night as opposed to her typical 2. I know that I should be the hardcore mom and make her work through it a little crying won’t hurt, but let’s face it I can’t. It’s just not me. I know that at some point I will lose my sanity or be tired of the lack of sleep and just let her cry it out, right now I’m not there. I’ve read the books and listened to the advice and there are waaaaay too many options in this whole scenario. So for now I am using all my magical mommy powers and good vibes hoping that it works out tonight and she sleeps like a peaceful little angel. Though right now on the monitor she is kicking and rolling all around, so it’s not looking too good…

2 thoughts on “Across the hall but oh so far away

  1. You will never feel guilty for following her lead and your motherly gut instincts! Keep up the good work! Maybe she’s close to a milestone or teeth and that’s why she’s waking more. It’s so hard to tell though with babies, they only speak one language to tell us when they need something-crying. I promise you’ll sleep one day, and then you’ll have another one and wonder why you’re doing this again…and it’s because all mothers are insane. Haha. But really you’re doing great. Keep doing what works for you.

    • Thanks Kamie! She seems like she wants to crawl and gets closer and closer to it everyday, that could be causing all the sleep troubles. It’s nice to know that other moms think I am doing a good job because some days it’s hard to gauge!

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