Accidents Can Happen

lost photosIt wasn’t a great weekend. I started Saturday morning by maxing out the memory card on my phone. This lead me to transferring the pics on my phone to the computer. Somehow while trying to entertain baby and multitask, I accidentally deleted about 300 pics of baby E. How I did this I still cannot be sure. Why I don’t have the photos backed up again I cannot be sure. I was heartbroken because of course I only had them one place and there were few pictures taken elsewhere by anyone else, seeing as how I spend the majority of my time alone with E. After 5 hours and lots of software downloading I recovered all but about 20 or 30. I know that I got most of them back but still I’m sad about it. How could I be so careless? She is only 5 months old once, and now I’ve lost those pictures. There was nothing momentous that happened in those few pictures that are now gone, but still I feel like a dummy because I should have known better. This isn’t the first time I’ve unintentionally deleted photos… I’ve learned my lesson this time though, I have auto backup on my phone now, where every picture I take gets sent to Dropbox as soon as I take it. And I set up the backup on the computer also. This won’t happen again. Then Saturday afternoon my neighbor came over asking have I been hearing funny noises in the pipes. Nope I said, approximately 4 hours later, the hubs walks into the kitchen for a glass of water and yells ‘uuuummmm we have no water!’ Surely he’s joking. Nope no water. After going back and forth to the neighbor’s house and chatting with the water company, the conclusion is reached that the fire hydrant at the end of our street is broken, and water has been pouring out and so the utility company came and shut the water off. They have no idea when it will be back on. This occurred around 7 pm, after waiting until midnight and deciding the water will never come back on, the hubs breaks out his emergency water supply to heat up and take awkward hobo baths so we can go to bed at least semi-clean. Upon waking this morning the water was back on and all is well, but I am still seething about those missing pictures. There isn’t much I can do, but I still am beating myself up about it a little. I know that in the grand scheme of her life no one will miss a week or 2’s worth of pictures. Honestly I will probably never do anything with most of them…oh well you live and you learn.

2 thoughts on “Accidents Can Happen

  1. Oh no! My heart breaks for you! Is it sad that this is one of the reasons I have lots of pictures downloaded multiple places and still some how have this fear that if I delete them from my phone they are gone for ever? Sigh. The joys of motherhood and the things we worry about.

    • It was pretty hard to deal with, I was super upset! Now I have it set to backup automatically with every new picture I take!

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