Cloth Diapering: Our Adventure So Far

groviapoppyAs many of you know we went cloth a few weeks ago. I’m not going to lie we are not 100% there yet.  We just don’t have a big enough stash to go all the way, but more on that later. I love the choices I made in cloth diapering.

My favorite decision so far has definitely been the GroVia AO2, with the shell and the liner pads that snap in. The “hybrid” option is amazingly easy, like comparing it to sposies easy. GroVia hybrids are where it’s at ladies (and gentlemen), it’s super simple making the transition mostly a breeze. You have the option to put an organic soaker, an absorbent soaker or a biodegradable disposable soaker into the shell and when it gets dirty, pull it out throw it in the wet bag and snap a new clean one in! I have both snaps and Velcro straps and as of now the snaps fit her fattie thighs so much better, but the Velcro fasteners aren’t bad either. Right now I only have the GroVia Stay Dry soaker pads, because with cotton baby can feel the wetness and E hates her diaper being dirty. When we get closer to potty training or she is a little older I plan on switching to the Organic Cotton so she is more aware of the wetness. They cost about $17 for the shell (which can be reused many times throughout the day, even for 2 days in a row without washing! With no mess leaking into it of course) and the pads cost $7-$19 depending on what you’re purchasing. I can honestly say I am in love with this option. Even the hubs is behind me on this type of diaper he said why purchase anything else!?!

I also purchased an AIO from GroVia and I have to say it is super trim and looks like an adorable disposable underneath her clothes. The only problem I have with it really is the cost. You pay around $25 for the one diaper and it gets dirty and blamo whamo it’s out of commission until the next wash. It is to me just the same as a reusable disposable.  I understand a lot of families use these as nighttime diapers because they are more absorbent than some others allowing babe to sleep longer through the night.

The only downside to cloth diapering for us currently is our stash is not large enough. I feel like I am constantly washing the diapers to ensure E wears them the next day. Currently I have 11 diapers, and on a good day E goes through about 8 or 9. In order to have clean diapers for the following day I start washing immediately after she goes down for the night. This is leading me to put her in disposables at night so I can wash and dry diapers for the next day. I have a case in her size so I didn’t have to purchase anymore, but at the same time I want to build up our stash so we are better prepared as the disposable stock pile begins to dwindle. I really think I need double the amount I currently have to have a ‘good’ stash. Also we changed laundry soap, honestly this didn’t bother me in the slightest because we used the free and clear stuff prior to the new stuff. Sure the poop is gross, but it’s not as disgusting and terrible as I thought it would be. I just hang it over the toilet and wipe it out using tp or wipes and then flush the poo, and depending on how bad the poop was I rinse it in the bathtub or the sink. (yes its nasty I keep bottle of disinfectant handy).

I recommend the hybrid aka the AI2 option to any mommas on the fence about cloth diapering. I mean basically this was a much easier switch for the whole family than I thought it would be. Aside from her butt almost doubling in size due to the all in one nature of the diapers, we love that we hopped on the cloth diaper bandwagon! The whole family EVEN my husband, who was a little skeptical in the beginning!

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