7 Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow

etiquette and mannersI am not going to say I’m Miss Manners, but I think that I have pretty good manners. In this day and age people seem to have no manners, and it really bothers me. I believe there are certain situations where you should follow the rules of etiquette, and there is really no excuse not to. I’m sure there are going to be people who disagree with what I’m saying and that’s ok. Everyone and their mother is entitled to their own opinion.

Say Please and Thank You

You would think that this is something that all children are taught, but you’d be surprised. When asking for something you should add a ‘please’ and after receiving anything say ‘thank you’. Even if you are not asking for something you should say thank you after being given it. This really drives me nuts.

Wait to Eat Until Everyone Else Has Been Served

This is pretty much common sense; you shouldn’t eat unless everyone else has all their food. Of course if you are in a buffet style setting then don’t eat unless your table has their food, but if at a wedding with buffet style don’t eat until the bride and groom have gotten their plate. Phew I know it’s a lot people, but just pretend you have a touch of tact and it’ll all be ok.

Take Your Hat Off Indoors, Especially at the Table

This is another oldie but goodie, and the title pretty much says it all. Ladies I think that even if the hat is a part of your ‘outfit’ you should take it off at the table, or stand outside and eat your lunch.

Don’t Use Your Cell Phones in Social Situations

When you look around a restaurant how many people are playing on their phones rather than talking? Or one person is talking and the other is staring at their phone. This drives me mad, when in a social setting I don’t feel phones are appropriate. Sure taking a photo and MAYBE quickly posting to social media is acceptable, but on a date, or chatting with your grandparents NOT OK!

 Thank You Notes

I was taught growing up to be thankful of everyone, and especially thankful of those who give you a gift, or do something special for you. And on the big occasions such as birthdays or life altering events you should hand write a thank you note. To this day when someone gifts me or the baby a present I send them a penned thank you note. Etiquette rules dictate that you have 3 months to send thank you notes, and I generally try to get them done way before that. Honestly I fell like it’s super rude to not send thank you notes to someone who has gifted you something, especially after a birthday, wedding, or a baby/bridal shower. It seems like you don’t even appreciate the gift you received.


I can honestly say there are few things that irk me more than not sending a paper invite to a party. And what’s worse (in my opinion) is when someone send the invite via social media. Facebook invites are the worst offense in my opinion. Especially send paper invites if it is an important party or celebration i.e. birthday parties, showers, or weddings. I know we are all digital and what not, but print the invitation people! There is so much more formal about holding the invite in your hand, not to mention it makes the person receiving the invite feel like they aren’t an afterthought. There are, of course, certain circumstances when a evite is ok, last minute party or something super casual where you aren’t expecting a gift of any sort, just the pleasure of the person’s company. Another issue I have with invitations is the length of time it should be sent before the event. Wedding should be 6 to 8 weeks and all others should be done at least 3 weeks in advance.


Bridal: As a general rule, you should have one shower. There is not really an excuse for multiple showers. The purpose behind a wedding shower is to celebrate you getting married. Having multiple bridal showers, especially if the guest list overlaps is super tacky. Are you really asking someone to get you 2 gifts and then attend your wedding and bring another gift? Nope, and really don’t have another shower for your second marriage. I suppose if it’s for a separate group of people then it might be ok, but again if your list overlaps it is a no go.
Baby: A huge trend in the baby making industry today is showers for every baby. I completely disagree with this. When people think of baby showers the idea is to help prepare the couple to become new parents. They won’t have anything they need for a new baby, and gathering all the supplies needed for a baby is super expensive. I understand the thinking is that the shower is for the mother, to celebrate her going from just a woman to a mother, but honestly that isn’t the way the world has always looked at it. I still disagree with this, particularly if the babies are born less than 5 years apart, and you are inviting the same crowd and expecting them to bring gifts. I have heard of ‘sprinkles’ for the expectant mother, and I don’t know how I feel about it. The idea behind a sprinkle is to give the mom diapers, wipes and perhaps a few outfits, but there should be no expectations. There is also a new trend called the sip and see. After the baby is born have a little get together, similar to a shower and have everyone meet the baby. Gifts are appreciated but not expected and it’s less pressure for the guests, as they don’t feel the need to get something monumental like people often do at showers. Also the parents typically throw this sort of party, so there is no putting someone else out by making them pay for another shower on your behalf.

Are there behaviors that seem to be from a bygone era that you wish would make a come back? Let me hear about them in the comments below.

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