6 Diaper Bag Must Haves

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I dreaded the thought that I would be carrying a diaper bag loaded with random useless baby crap. For now I am only carrying 6 essentials in my purse, since I already wear a massive purse with plenty of room. I have always see moms hoisting a massive bag up on their shoulder looking like it weighs 25 pounds and I don’t want that to be me or you.


Diapers– (Obviously) we all know you need diapers in your diaper bag. Duh. The key is making sure you have enough and in the CORRECT size. This has only happened to me once and good Lord willing never again. I went to change babe on an outing and all that was in the bag was newborn size. She was no longer newborn and there I was in a predicament. I solved it by running to Target and snatching up another bag in the correct size. Phew good thing my outing being so close to a store.

Wipes– I love a good wipe, I mean who doesn’t? Nobody wants poop on their butt including babies. My favorite is Pampers Sensitive wipes, I tried out other brands and these are by far the best so soft and delicate on the bum. I tried those little reusable plastic numbers and have had no luck so don’t waste your time. The wipes always seem to come out in mass numbers, I forget to refill it, they hold a small number of wipes, and often my wipes dried out. Buy the wipes in the small bags with the snap tops.

Diaper Rash & Thrush

Ointment– (Butt paste) Chapped butts, no bueno. Pick your brand and stuff it in the bag, my favs are the all-natural Boudreaux butt paste and Motherlove Diaper Rash and Thrush. Get a big tube of it you will definitely use it.


Large Blanket– I use a swaddle blanket it is massive 46″X46″ and very useful in the diaper bag, it can be a nursing cover, a changing table cover, a blanket, a sun shield on the stroller, a last resort outfit for the avid pooper. I really am loving the Aden + Anais, they have super cute prints and are massive.

Extra outfits– I learned this the hard way. You can never ever forget an extra outfit for babe. We had a lunch outing; that turned into an epic all day long trek around Metro DC. Baby E decided that was the perfect day to test the limits of her diapers. And she did twice in a 5 hour period. So we were left with a baby that had to be wrapped up in a blanket so as not to be naked as a jay bird in the grocery store. (people tend to frown on a naked baby in public especially a grocery store)

Changing pad– there is nothing worse than having to change a baby in the back of your car well changing your baby anywhere but at home. The poo always seems to seep out around the sides of the diaper onto your carpeting. Or perhaps air hits that butt and a stream of tinkle runs down the backseat. Even worse you have to change baby in a dirty public restroom. A changing pad can alleviate these problems; they have little pads similar to puppy pads that are super absorbent and plastic on the bottom to prevent leaks. Pretty Awesome


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