5 Mommy Makeup Bag Must Haves

It literally used to take me an hour and a half to get ready to leave the house. Now I have a whole other person to prepare for any outing and my normal routine of an hour and a half crashes into E’s nap time. This leads us to not being able to make it out of the house until after nap time is over and it is pretty much a vicious cycle. In order to help cut down on my prep time but still look amazing I’ve cut done the use of my makeup products and wear a ponytail more often than not. This is my list of must haves for mommy’s makeup bag:

sugar lip

I love Fresh Sugar lip treatment. It comes in 8 colors from clear to cherry red, it’s sheer but buildable making it great for a trip to the market or a sexy date night!

bare minerals face

As a southern girl I never leave the house without my makeup done. bareMinerals foundation gives me that fresh faced no makeup look, but hides the dark circles and help to conceal my sleepless nights.


Tired eyes are a common theme of motherhood especially for the mother of a newborn. Eye bright by Benefit is genius. It is pink creamy goodness used to line the rim of the eye and give the appearance of a full night’s sleep.


A multitasker is important for the mommy who needs minimum prep with maximum results. bareMinerals has an awesome all over face color. My fav is Rose Radiance I sweep it across the brow, jawline and heavy handed on the cheeks as a blush.


Mascara is a must for me and always has been. I feel it is an essential in any makeup bag, mommy or not. Clinique High Impact has been my favorite for years and years. Even though I’ve tried other brands I keep coming back.

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