52 Project: Week 9

9 weeks into the year and E is now 10 months old! What?!?! How in the world did this happen? There are only 2 months until she turns 1. I am a ball of emotions, I am excited for how much she is changing and becoming more of her own little person, but I am sad to lose my little baby. Her personality has made itself more present in the past week and she is a character. She is now opposed to eating lunch in her highchair wanting to make it a picnic in mommy’s lap and she started truly clapping her hands, like not by accident any more! As a parent I am super excited with this new development, if I clap my hands she does it too, and it’s no longer an accident! She figured out the way into her furbabies hearts, eat a bite and share a bite, they stay right with her especially when there is food involved. Her sissy Gadgette as also attracted some unwanted attention and all out giggling, squealing, and barking dog chasing has begun.

52 project week 9 She is also quite the little lady. She crosses her legs often as a little girl should, and I love it. During her diaper change she reached over and grabbed this book and began flipping through the pages. As soon as I snapped her back up she crossed her legs and proceeded to ‘read’ the book while I took this pic. I honestly don’t think I can love this baby anymore!

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