52 Project: Week 8

Project 52 Week 8I know I’ve posted a photo of these two ladies before, but they are just so sweet and capturing this moment really melted my heart right! As my little girl grows she learns more and more about her surroundings and more about how to get the puppies to love her and come to her. Petting them sweetly is something we are working on, as she tugs on their hair and uses them to stand up with. E has recently begun to share everything with Gadgette, they are best buds! On this particular day E was sharing snacks with her girl, while they played. It was super adorable and I’m happy their relationship is growing into a friendly one, I know too many people who allow their babies to mistreat their dogs. My puppies were my babies until E came along and I expect that she treats them sweetly and with a kind heart. Her sharing her cracker was the prime example of what I was hoping their friendship would become!

Was there a particular moment from the last week that melted your heart? Feel free to share in the comments!

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