52 Project: Week 7

This week we had a HUGE snow storm. There wasn’t a lot of going on adventures, we mostly just stayed in the house and cuddled to keep warm! E wore a Valentine inspired outfit everyday! My favorite picture of the week is this one of her sleeping after a hard morning of play.

52 project Week 7

E is starting to stand on her own little by little, removing her hand from the furniture and practicing in preparation for that moment she stands solitary. She crawls super fast like a maniac at times, and wants to be out exploring her surroundings. She follows her pup siblings everywhere they go, and wants to do what they do. She still is only taking 1 nap a day, which is exhausting for me and her. Everything combined leads to a very tiring day for her, she passes out more often than not while nursing and being rocked to sleep. There is nothing I love more than holding that heavy sleeping princess against my chest! Her soft little breaths are just so sweet and during her waking hours she doesn’t seem to stay with me as much. I honestly tear up thinking about how much she has changed in the nearly 10 months since we brought her home, and I am in love with every moment.

What was your favorite moment this week? Share with me!

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