52 Project: Week 4

First of all I want to commend myself on sticking with this for a whole month. I have a real problem with not following through…This week was amaze balls on the account that E started sleeping 12 hours a night on the regular! Literally 5 nights in a row! It is probably the best thing since sliced bread, and I know it won’t last (unfortunately). And it was a cluster foogazie. While she began sleeping like a grownup at night, she started giving up at least an hour worth of napping a day. For me this was sheer torture. I am used to her being asleep for 3 hours, 1 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. It’s when I get all my non-momming done. I can leave her with the hubs and have ‘me’ time and not worry, because she will be asleep for those solid 2 in the afternoon. Nope didn’t happen this week. BUT with all the standing and mad crawling she’s been doing she is exhausted, allowing for the snuggle to sleep to be reinstated! I haven’t seen this in months and months. She had gotten to the point where she is done nursing and she wants to be put down and left alone. Well all that activity has given me my snuggle bunny back (only at nap time), but back none the less. Which brings me to this weeks picture:52week4

She had nursed to sleep and buried her cute little face under her hand, and I loved every solitary second of it. I sat rocking her for at least an extra 10 minutes because I’ve been missing these moments so much. E is my sweet angel baby, and she truly is my world. She is growing up so fast and it sort of breaks my heart, but I am also looking forward to the next milestones in her life.


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