52 Project Week 14

52 project week 14This week my favorite picture is E’s bday outfit. Having it here in my hands and knowing that in just 3 short weeks she will be 1 is overwhelming and exciting! I have been party planning for months and to see everything beginning to come together is a huge sigh of relief! Knowing that she will be surrounded by all her family and be the center of attention for a whole day (or at least a few hours) is something that I’ve dreamed for her since she was born. We live so far from family that going home is a HUGE ordeal and I hope she will understand why I went party crazy to make sure everything is perfect for her birthday.

I fully plan on purchasing (and saving) a beautiful birthday outfit every year of her life until she fights against me. I only had to reorder her shoes in a smaller size twice, as apparently her dainty little feet are the size that is commonly worn by a 3-6 month old! If her feet stay so tiny she will never have trouble finding shoes in her life and as a woman with a common shoe size I know how amazing that would be.

Her outfit is a gorgeous tutu from Tutu du Monde and the adorable little silver foil shoes are from Stuart Weitzman.

One thought on “52 Project Week 14

  1. Can’t wait to see her entire outfit! You are a very talented party planner so I am sure it is going to be fabulous!

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